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Friday, June 25th, 2010

We had the most amazing time in Japan. The culture is subtley and not so subtley different and it was a real learning curve for me. An amazing politeness, a zen approach to each moment, and a really hard working ethic.
The audiences were attentive, shy and after the show wanted autographs, pictures and so many of them bought us presents. Extraordinary.
The streets are filled with people who pay attention to their appearance, often in extreme interesting ways, and at nights there is a sense of real energy for having fun.

ATP x 2, DLB and Japan

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

It is so long since I last posted, partly because I get all these stupid bits of spam responses. You would think at my age I would be more resilient…..
We have performed at two All Tomorrows Parties in Minehead and that was a real treat. We played to so many people and had a great stage sound and the whole event was such a pleasure to be at. I had never been to Butlins before, and boy do they have a good swimming pool with amazing slides and this fabulous current that carries you round the pool like a duck with a number on your belly as you spin and swirl. Then we played at the Scala, the whole of our first album, and several of those songs hadn’t been played for 30 years. Black and White was fabulous and we had Verity from Electrelane playing wondrous sax on it.
We are off to Japan next Monday. Ana and I have been wanting to play Japan for years and years… and our dream is coming true…..