Anybody got any stories about The Raincoats??

22nd February 2010 - Gina at 9:44 am

Bikini Kill have come up with a great idea
We would love to do something similar for the Raincoats. In the absence of anything more structured right now, if any of you have any stories PLEASE write them and send them to us in the comments section. We’d love to hear any stories, however small or insignificant they may seem.
Picture, photos also welcome…

5 Responses to “Anybody got any stories about The Raincoats??”

  1. Michael MacTavish says:

    My names Michael I am a 16 year old student from Canada. I first learned about you guys two years ago. There was a list of Kurt Cobain’s top 50 albums and through that, discovered your music (Ironically enough I am not a very big fan of Nirvana). The first song I heard was “The Void”. It was such an incredible magical song and I had to hear more. The first full album I heard was Odyshape. I remember being so excited to hear it. The first song “Shouting out loud” brought a smile to my face that seemed to last longer than I imagined. It lasted almost the entire album and I have never have any music have such a profound effect on me so intensely. After hearing Odyshape felt happy knowing that there was more music by you guys I haven’t yet discovered. I fell in love with your debut aswell, it was quite as immediate but over time I appreciated it just as much. I just wanted you guys to know how much I love your music, I would love to see your up coming documentary and perhaps meet one of you in the future.

  2. Sally O-J says:

    Gina, I’ve got loads of pictures if you want them?

  3. Sally O-J says:

    Also, MP3s of some gigs?

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